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Frequently-Asked Questions

What does unlocking do?

Unlocking allows you to use your GSM phone world-wide with any service provider. Most phones come "locked" to one provider, requiring you to use a SIM card from the provider in the phone at all times. This lock is sometimes referred to as a "carrier lock" or "subsidy lock".

Some other advantages:

  • Move your phone from one carrier to another
  • Use overseas pay-as-you-go carriers when travelling to reduce roaming charges
  • Use a dual-sim adapter in your phone to optimize your phone bill
  • Increase the resale value of your phone

Is it safe to unlock my phone? Will it void my warranty?

It is safe to unlock your phone. Our unlocking program only reads data from your phone, making it impossible to damage or destroy your phone and keeps your warranty valid.

Which phones can be unlocked?

All Treo GSM phones can be unlocked. You can determine if your phone is a GSM model by checking for either a SIM card or an "IMEI" number on the phone.

We cannot unlock CDMA phones at this time. CDMA phones do not have a SIM card and have an "ESN" number on the phone.

You can find your phone's ESN or IMEI number by checking the sticker on the back for the Treo 600, or under the battery for the Treo 650/680. It is also available under the "Phone Info" menu item from the dialpad.

I have my unlock data, where is my unlock code?

You'll need to enter your unlock data into our unlocking page here.

Will my phone lose its unlocked state after a hard or soft reset?

No. The unlocking data is stored in a location that is not erased during a hard or soft reset.

I typed in *#*#1234# and my phone is locked again!

Entering a code that looks like an unlock code will re-lock your phone. You can re-enter your unlock code to return your phone to the unlocked state.

How can I recover my unlock code?

You can recover your unlock code by visiting our unlock code retrieval page below. We will keep your unlock code for at least six months:

My registration code hasn't showed up!

Our registration emails may be delayed up to an hour while credit cards are processed and a payment has been made.

If the code doesn't show up within an hour, it is possible that the registration email was somehow lost or blocked by an anti-spam program. Please email us at and we will recover your registration code.

Please add to any spam-protection "white-lists" so that we can ensure that our support mail gets through

I typed in my unlock data by hand, but it says that there was a problem

Our unlock data fairly long and it is easy to make mistakes while typing. If you are reading it from your phone, you should increase the memo font size to the maximum ensure that you can see each letter clearly. If you have access to a Secure Digital (SD) card, our unlocking program automatically writes a file to the root directory that you may retrieve with a PC or Mac-based card reader.

I don't have a hotsync cable, how can I unlock my phone?

You can transfer our program to your phone with either an SD card or bluetooth connection. Once you have run the unlocker, you can hotsync over bluetooth or check for our unlock data in the root directory of your Secure Digital (SD) card. You may also manually enter the unlock data from your phone on our website, but you must check it carefully. You should also increase your memo font size on your phone to ensure that you can differentiate between zero and the letter "O", and the number one and the letter "I" and lower-case letter "l".

Your website says that my registration code is not valid

You may have mistyped your registration code, or entered something that is not a registration code. Our registration codes are currently 20 letters and numbers, mixed uppercase and lowercase. We highly recommend copying it from our registration email (being careful to select the code and none of the spaces before or after it), then pasting it into the registration code box on the post-unlock page.

Your website says that my registration code has expired

You have probably already retrieved an unlock code and you are trying to get it back. If you need to retrieve your unlock code, please enter your registration code on our code retrieval page at:

I don't have a SIM card, can I unlock my phone?

The Treo 650 will not accept an unlock code without a valid SIM card being inserted into the device. You can always print the instructions and unlock code and keep them around until you have a SIM card available. You may also borrow a SIM card from someone else temporarily, unlock your device with it and return the SIM card to them. Your phone will continue to be unlocked.

My phone always says "No service - SOS only"

Your phone may have become locked to a frequency that is incompatible with your current carrier. You can use the "Select Network" menu item to return your phone to the automatic GSM band selection and it should pick up your carrier's signal again.

My phone says that the SIM lock was not removed

The most common causes of this message are:

  • not having the phone radio turned on,
  • having an incompatible SIM card inserted,
  • not having a SIM card inserted at all,
  • not removing the battery from your device

If you have checked each of the above items, you may need to perform a hard reset (ensure that you have a full backup first).

How do I get rid of the Cingular/Rogers/other carrier branding?

This is a process called "unbranding" and we do not currently support it. You may with to visit the Treo 650 discussion forums at or for assistance.

How do I remove a SIM PIN check

To remove the SIM PIN check, select the "Phone Lock" menu item from the dial pad's "Options" menu, the uncheck the "Lock SIM" box.

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